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Masters of Olive Oil International Contest is a new project we aim to create brand positioning,  awareness and visibilityfor every great olive oil Producer and for the best olive oils in the world.

Better Brand positioning

Our unique group of Professional Tasters will evaluate throughly every Olive Oil. Winners will thus have the best credentials to capture public attention exactly as every Top Extra Virgin Olive Oil should do.

Better Brand awareness

Knowledge can, and does, make a great difference.
Masters Of Olive Oil International Contest 2019 will enhance your Brand awareness in all the markets.

Better Brand visibility

Take your first step to get greater visibility by participating with Your best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Samples. Subscribe today the new Edition of the MOOOIC and let's start to think how You can do better for Your Olive Oil Company.

the world best OLIVE OILs

Be recognized as a Master of Olive Oil by our unique group of Tasters is a privilege for every great Olive Oil sample made by the best Olive Oil Producers.
Subscribe and You will have the chance to be one of the new Masters of Olive Oil 2019.

masters of olive oil international competition

World Stage

The best producers

World Jury

The best choices

SANREMO 3th April - 6th April 2019 IS UPCOMING


We are going to spread Your Best Olive Oil Quality using every web channel. We are focused on: YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter...


Our Masters of Olive Oil World Guide will drive customers to Your Products. It will be available in the following formats: Online Geo Guide, EBook.

magnetic BRANDING

Position Your Brand at the Top of the Worldwide Olive Oil production and attract customers' attention. Be part of the group of Top Quality ranked Extra Virgin Olive Oils by the MOOOIC.

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Master of Olive Oil International Competition Sanremo 2019. From 3rd to 6th April  Your skills, Your results, Your quality in producing marvellous Extra Virgin Olive Oils will be revealed.

Masters of Olive Oil international Contest
our team of Judges starts here...

masters of olive oil Aldo Mazzini MOOOIC Panel Leader

Aldo Mazzini

MOOOIC Panel Leader & Consultant

Aldo Mazzini is the creator of the Masters of Olive Oil Contest. He is a professional taster with the Panel Leader Diploma. Aldo is a quality consultant ad he has been teaching in Italy and abroad. He has been a member of the panel of the Imperia Chamber of Commerce for the DOP and has been a member of the official ONAOO Panel since 2000. ( read more…)

moooic the jury Ehud Soriano Panel Leader

Ehud Soriano

IOC Panel Leader & Consultant

Ehud Soriano, from Israel, is an olive oil consultant, head of the Israeli Olive Oil Tasting Panel (recognized by the IOC) and instructor of other olive oil panels in Israel including the IOC-accredited Israeli Organoleptic Assessment Course, which he heads. (read more…)

Alissa Mattei Judge MOOOIC

Alissa Mattei

Panel Leader AIFO - Consultant

Alissa Mattei is The AIFO Panel official Panel Leader in Florence, She also  currently is  President of the Knoil association a non-profit association for the organization of oil courses in Italy and abroad and for the dissemination of the culture of extra virgin olive oil. It is a chemist who he has been Director of Research and Development and Quality at Carapelli Firenze SPA for more than 30 years (read more…)


Please read carefully the contest's rules

Click the registration button.
Download, read and fill the PDF Masters of Olive Oil International Contest Contest Rules & Regulations and the application form

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Fill the registration form

Edit the site registration form with the requested information and, if you like, charge your brand logo and olive oil bottle imagine, we'll use them for the new guide

Ship Your samples to the suggested address

Send Your best olive oil samples to the specified address
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1)make a DDP samples shipment to avoid any problem
2) "free samples not for sale"

Mail your registration
to get back the subscription confirmation

Send to Organization Your application form by mail and check to receive back the sample arrival confirmation

masters of olive oil 2019 Royal Hotel

Hotel Royal 5*****

Since 1872 every day at the Hotel Royal, the staff has worked hard to make your life a work of art, as Oscar Wilde said: “the splendor of the past and the comforts of the present, fused together to provide you pleasure”. Every sense is stimulated: the view from the subtropical park, from the swimming pool designed by Giò Ponti and from the sea that surrounds us; the smell of the perfumes of flowers and of our kitchen; hearing from silence, embellished by the sounds of nature; the taste from awakening to goodnight, with the flavors of our chefs; touch from immersion in an environment designed to lighten the body and the mind.

Hotel Royal 5*****

The Royal Hotel is truly a magical oasis in the western Riviera: the 12,000 square meter subtropical park envelops us and protects us from the outside world with its perennial blooms, its perfumes and its beauty. Each room at the Royal Hotel Sanremo is a perfect synthesis of the whole experience: a microcosm of pleasure in a larger whole always at your disposal. The light, the comfort, the attention to detail and the room service only need a protagonist to live better: we wait for you to give life by living our rooms.

moooic 2019 Royal Hotel

We'll be here, in Sanremo Hotel Royal 5*****

masters of olive oil international Competition
Corso Imperatrice, 80 - 18100 Sanremo (I) ITALY
Phone: +39 0184 5391

Masters of Olive Oil International Contest 4 Tasting days to define the new best extra virgin olive oils in the world 2019.

Wednesday - Saturday
APRIL 3th - APRIL 6th

Competing with the very best Olive Oils is the real challenge for every great Producer!
Be part of the real top 2019 challenge for the best Olive Oil Producers!

Join our Olive Oil  International Competition and start building the most aimed visibility available today for Your Best Oilve Oils. We make sure every sample is easily understood, and that all Winners reach Top level of fame and quality needed for today’s consumers request Sanremo is the right international showcase for Your Best Extra Virgin Olive OIls!

MOOOIC 2019:
Who Is It For?

Are you an Olive Oil Producer?
Or are you looking for the right showroom for Your products?
Would You like to challenge the best  Olive Oil World Producers?
MOOOIC 2019 is aimed at anyone who wants to create great EVOO’s, and selling it worldwide.
We will take care of everything: even if You have never taken part in a Contest before, we will enable You to quickstart effortlessy.​







Assigned Awards


Years of

About You

All Competitors will get:

Participation Diploma;

Technical description sheet;

Oil sample  spider graph;

Visibility on multiple web channels;

You might enter into the new online Masters of Olive Oil World Guide

Taking part in the new edition of the Masters of Olive Oil International Competition for Top Quality Olive Oils gives You the chance to gain visibility not only on the Italian market but also on all the international markets. Italy is the largest market in the world for olive oil; it is the largest consumer Country with over 600,000 tons of consumption per year and is the largest importer with over 500,000 tons.


Being present, visible and recognized in the Italian market is very important for any world producer of olive oil not only for business opportunities on the Italian market but also for the window that it represents. Being here and winning a prize means opening the doors of the biggest market in the world and at the same time means opening a door to the whole world for your products. Being here is really important, registering your best oil samples and participating in this new event will be a right choice to increase your Brand awareness and vibility.


Take now Your best chance for this year! Register your best oils now and take part in this new event. It is the right choice to increase the visibility of your brand. Take now your best opportunity this year do not miss the opportunity to compare yourself with the best to grow and become better!

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