maximize your visibility

Taking part in the 2024 Contest You are going to take the chance to enter the Masters of Olive Oil Top Producers 2024.

maximize your prestige

Taking part in the Contest MOOOIC 2024 You will reach a new prestige standard.

Increase your brand awareness

You will get a new step in Your brand awareness from consumers and the public.

increase your brand value

Both if You will win a prize or You will get a good quotation in the Contest You have the chance to enter the new Worldwide Masters of Olive Oil Guide increasing Your brand value.


MOOOIC 2024 will assign:

QUALITY PRIZES FOR THE OVERALL RANKIN : we will recognize quality awards = Bronze, Silver & Gold Selection to the oils that will gain scores over 60/100.

QUALITY ABSOLUTE CATEGORY AWARDS FOR EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS: we will assign  a total of only 24 Category International Prizes plus 9 National prizes in the Extra Virgin Olive Oils Competition:

  • Top 3 scores of each category (Low Fruity, Medium Fruity, High Fruity) – [9 International Prizes];
  • Top 3 Highest score of each type (Monovarietals, Blends, DOP/IGP, Organic) – [12 International Prizes];
  • Top 3 scores on an all-in-category list. Each category will be multiplied by a coefficient  to have a standard score (calculated on the maximum score that can be achieved on a specific category related to the score of 100) –  [3 International Prizes]
  • Special Awards for the 3 best samples coming from the Orange Municipalities Associated [3 National Prizes]
  • Special Awards for the 3 best samples coming from the Liguria Region [3 National Prizes]
  • Special Awards for the 3 best samples coming from the Site Historique Grimaldi de Monaco Municipalities  [3 National Prizes]

A single EVOO can be awarded multiple prizes.

QUALITY AWARDS FOR THE AROMATIZED OILS,  total of only 6 International prizes :

  • Quality overall ranking Awards: Bronze, Silverg & Gols Selection to the samples that will obtain scores > 60/100  – [International Prizes];
  • Top Category Awards to the 3 highest scores  – [3 International Prizes];


  • Top 3 scores  for the Best Packaging  – [3 International Prizes];

Of course, all the Companies involved in production or in selling Olive Oil and Aromatized Oils are welcome in all the  Contests. All the producers that are going to enrol more than one sample will have a special treatment with a special discount fee entry. They will gain  more winning chances by subscribing with two or more samples or two or more contests.

MONTE CARLO MASTERS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 2024 will aim to become one of the top-ranked  and more authoritative International Olive Oil and Olives Contests in  World.

We are going to judge and select the new MASTERS OF OLIVE OIL  around the world and we will be awarding a total of only 36 international absolute category prizes.

Every Winner will get:

  • The invite for the Award Ceremony & Conference on June 4th in Monaco;
  • Their Olive Oil published on our site Award pages forever;
  • Award Diploma certifying their Olive Oil achievement;
  • Technical description sheet;
  • Spidergraph;
  • A page inside the new online Worldwide Olive Oil MOOOIC  2024 Online Guide.

Please see at  MOOOIC – Monte Carlo Masters of Olive Oil – International Competition  2024. Rules & Regulations related to the International Olive Oil Competition.

MOOOIC 2024 is open to any Company or Organization: Olive Growers, Manufacturers, Olive Mills, Social and Cooperative, Cooperatives and Producer organizations, Bottlers / Packagers, Associations of producers, Traders (Exporters, Importers and Traders of olive oil), Packagers  responsible for a registered  trademark  or brand in the market. 

From October 30th until January 31st  Early Booking  time offers SPECIAL PRICES, You’ll save up to the 25% when You enroll more samples . The regular cost to enter the Contest is 250,00 euro each sample between February 1st and April 25th will pay the regular fee. Remember the more samples You ernroll the more You can save all the time.Register online  now in 4 easy steps, follow the link:

The samples, shipped in DDP mode (Delivery Duty Paid and with “door to door” delivery) will be accepted from April 1st to April 30th -2024. For complete information about shipping your samples go to:  or send samples to: Organization MOOOIC 2024 c/o ALDO MAZZINI  – Via XX Settembre, 16 –  18100 IMPERIA – ITALY – Mobile +39 335 371894 -Phone: +39 0184 65511.

The award winners oils will be photographed and publicized. Samples should be sent of the same packaging you use in the market place.

Winners will have:

  • Their Olive Oil published on our site the first page until the next Competition;
  • Award label certifying their Olive Oil achievement;
  • Technical description sheet;
  • Spidergraph;
  • YouTube video hosted on our channel which can be embedded on Winners’ websites, describing their Olive Oil qualities and Why to Buy reasons.

The Contest Winners will be unveiled on June 2024 in Monte Carlo during the awards ceremony at a press conference and reception. Complete results will be indexed on our website  and distributed through international media.

The Monte Carlo Masters of Olive Oil  & Masters of Olives International Competition 2024 will be Judged a top-level Team of international olive oil experts. There will be many Panel Leaders and professionals on Olive Oil Quality and experts in arts, communication and marketing for the new Packaging Contest. We aim to guarantee the hugest range of represented countries in the Jury. All Master of Olive Oil!

The MOOOIC 2024 is organized by F.lli Mazzini S.A.S. with the support of the KNOIL Association, and all the other Associations interested in supporting the Contest, that aspire …. contribute with the tasters and with the dissemination of the event to the Producers. We collaborate with all the Associations that have our same MISSION in common: “to help in spreading the knowledge of olive oil to the world consumers in order to increase their awareness and “appreciation” of all High Quality EVOOs.

For any more faq and question  please Contact Us