Our Team of 18 international experts starts here.
We take the evaluation of the oils very seriously.
Here you will find a special International Jury the first with
15 certified Panel Leaders and experts from 7 countries.

moooic the jury, 13 recognized international experts and 10 Panel Leaders

Masters of Olive Oil Aldo Mazzini MOOOIC Panel Leader & IOC Panel Leader

Aldo Mazzini

Italy - IOC Panel Leader
MASAF Panel Leader & Consultant

Aldo Mazzini is the ideator of the Masters of Olive Oil Competition. He is a quality business consultant and has worked for some of the most important international brands. Aldo is a professional taster formed and specialized at ONAOO school and he is on the International Register of ONAOO Professional Tasters with a Panel Leader Diploma released from CCIAA of Florence.

Panel Membership

He is actually the recognized IOC Panel Leader for SA since 2022. He has been a member of the panel of the Imperia Chamber of Commerce for the PDO and he is a member of the official ONAOO Panel since 2000. One of his specialization fields is training, he did courses in Italy and abroad. Aldo has trained tasters and producers in many countries along time like: USA, Israel, Taiwan, Turkey and South Africa and Italy of course! He has participated as a judge in many national and international competitions such as Ercole Olivario, Orciolo d’Oro, Sirena d’Oro di Sorrento, Berlin Global Awards GOOA, London IOOC, Trophée Premium “Volubilis Extra-Vierge Maroc”, Zeytindostu Olive Oil Contest in Turkey and Nederland AIOOA. During the last 2 years he has Leaded the South Africa National Awards and the ABSA Awards. His academic training has a University a Degree in Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the University of Genoa and a Master in Communication and NLP with recognition of the prestigious NLP Society by Richard Bandler.

Masters of olive Oil International Competition THE JUR

international_jury_mooic_sonda_ laroussi_ 700 x 500

Sonda Laroussi

Tunisia - IOC Panel Leader & Consultant

Sonda is an IOC Panel Leader in Tunisia. She is a Managing Partner at Olea Conseils/ Panel leader Olea Conseils/ Panel leader at SGS. Today she is the only lady in the world that is driving two official tasting panels recognized by the IOC. She has held and holds training courses for tasters: Sonda has also a huge Competition experience in fact she participated in various juries of national and international competitions such as the London IOOC.



Manolis Salivaras

Greece - IOC Panel Leader & Consultant

Manolis Salivaras is an experienced laboratory analyst and an expert in the organoleptic evaluation of olive oil. He has studied Food Technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki and then at the Agricultural School of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. At the same University, he has completed postgraduate studies in Food Science and Applied Microbiology. Since 1993 he operates successfully in the field of laboratory analyses and he has the general management of the Multichrom-Lab, olive oil analysis laboratory – accredited by the International Olive Council.

A long term experience

He has an experience of more than 20 years in EVOO analysis and organoleptic evaluations. Manolis has participated in many seminars on chemical instrument quality control and also in food control conferences on edible food fats. He has also undertaken the organization and participated as an olive oil expert in many competitions as a panel leader. Actually, he is the Panel Leader in the Berlin Global Awards Olive Oil Competition. For the period 2015 – 2016 the organoleptic panel Multichrom-Lab under his leadership, won first place in the international ranking of annual certification carried out by the American Olive Chemists Society (AOCS).

Franco Pasquini moooic jury 500X380

Franco Pasquini

Italy - Panel Leader ANAPOO

Franco Pasquini has a Degree in Agriculture, he has been a certified olive oil taster since 1995 and Panel Head since 1997. He is responsible for the Tasting Commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia and Prato and one of the four commissions of the ANAPOO association, of which he has been President since 2011. He has organized and directed numerous official courses for oil tasters in various parts of Italy and has participated as a taster in several national and international olive oil competitions as: Ercole Olivario, Il Magnifico, BIOL, Sirena d’Oro di Sorrento.


Marcello Scoccia

Italy - Panel Leader ONAOO & Consultant

Marcello Scoccia is one of the world’s leading expert tasters and selectors of extra virgin olive oil. He has worked and still works as a Master Blender at world-leading companies in the olive oil sector. He is also involved in selection and acuities in the olive oil sector
He is an expert in international markets, a speaker in courses and conferences, lecturer in university masters courses on sensory analysis and olive oil in general.
Author of publications on olive oil tasting and the olive oil market.
He holds the role of Panel Leader – for the ONAOO.
Lecturer in technical-professional courses and university master in sensory analysis. Speaker at international conferences on olive oil and sensory analysis.

moooic jury

Giulio Scatolini

Italy - Panel Leader & Consultant

Giulio Scatolini Oil maker and professional oil taster since 1993. He perfected Panel Leder with the course organized by the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) in 1995. In 1997 the Aprol Perugia panel he presided over became the first panel of an association of olive producers in the world to receive recognition by the IOC.

In 2007 he obtained recognition by the MIPAF as panel leader of the tasting group of Unaprol, the National Union of Italian olive producers.

Giulio Scatolini is considered, for his skills and experience, one of the best “international noses” of oil, having been called to preside in all the most important national and foreign competitions: Ercole Olivario Competition, Biol International Award, Sol d’Oro International Competition, Mario Solinas International Competition, Sirena d’Oro Competition, Orciolo d’Oro Competition, Leone d’Oro dei Mastri Oleari Competition, Il Magnifico, etc.

He was also appointed, on April 30, 2012, by Federdop, the National Federation of Consortia for the protection of extra virgin olive oils, “Ambassador of Italian DOP oils in the world”. 

Giulio Scatolini has conducted, for Mipaf, national and international organizations and institutions, training courses and tastings aimed at the promotion of Italian extra virgin quality oil, in various parts of the world: Amsterdam, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Miami, New York, Jean, Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Santiago de Chile, Tirana, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai etc.

He is a lecturer, at the University of Flavors of Perugia, since the birth of the structure.


Ehud Soriano

Israel - International Consultant, Trainer and Lecturer - ex IOC PL

Ehud was IOC Panel Chief in Israel for several years. He attended the Olive Oil Expert Training Course organised by COI at the University of Jaen. Today, he is an established international consultant for companies. He has participated in the first edition of the Masters of Olive Oil and in multiple Juries of prestigious International Competitions such as Biopress in Germany, Ovibeja (Portugal) and the Evoleum Competition in Spain; Athena International in Greece, as well as the EVOO IOC in Italy. He is the Panel Leader responsible for the Family Olive Oil competition (Israel).

Muge Nebioglu MOOOIC Judge

Müge Nebioglu​

Turkey - Panel Leader Licensed

Müge is a food engineer and an expert in olive oil, and in Turkey, she is responsible for the Government of national and international research projects in the field of extra virgin olive oil. She is an accredited Panel Leader for sensory analysis laboratories and was trained in Italy, France and Spain for oil tasting. She has participated in various Juries of national and international competitions such as the Zeytindostu prize in Turkey which she has co-leaded for several years and the London IOOC. Muge has been and is a teacher in various training courses for olive oil tasting; she is an ONAOO professional taster since 2013 and she is on the Organization International Tasters List. Muge has been in MOOOIC the Jury since 2016.

masters of olive oil Giovanni Martellini judge

Giovanni Martellini

Italy - Panel Leader & Consultant

Giovanni holds a degree in agricultural sciences from the University of Bari.
He was technical consultant for Assoproli Bari in relation to oil quality improvement programs, from July 1997 until March 2021.
He was a technical consultant for the National Consortium of High-Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, based in Rome 2004 – 2006.
Giovanni gave various lectures to technicians of UNAPROL.
Since 2003 “Quality and Safety Manager of Oliveti d’Italia SCPA.
He actually is the Assoproli Bari Panel Head since 2016.
He is an International Consultant for F.A.O. as an expert in olive growing and olive oil within projects in Morocco and in collaboration with Interprolive, Ministry of Agriculture and Health in Rabat. From 2016 under contract for projects in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt.
Taster judge within the framework of various international competitions and chairman of the Tasting Committee of the Volubilis Prize of Mecknes  – 2019.
Giovanni has organized various virgin olive oil tasting courses in collaboration with the University of Bari.


Stefano Roggerone

Italy - Panel Leader CIA Association

Stefano is an official Olive Oil Panel Leader in Italy for the C.I.A. Organization in Imperia. He is a long experienced taster and trainer for olive oil and he also is a professional olives taster with long term experience. During the last 10 years, he has taken part in many national and international judging Teams like the Monte Carlo Masters of Olive Oil, the BIOL and the Sol d’Oro. He is in the MOOOIC judging Team since we started in 2016.


Carmen Sanchez Garcia

Spain/Germany - Olive Oil Expert Consultant & Lecturer

Carmen Sanchez Garcia is an olive oil consultant who was born in Valdepeňas, Spain and currently resides in Pulheim, Germany. She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Castilla La Mancha and is an accredited Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taster through the University of Jaén. As an educator and lecturer Carmen has led numerous events, presentations, lectures and workshops on olive oil, for prestigious entities such as Thyssen Krupp, Vitra, Anuga, Edeka Supermakets, Cervantes Institute Bremen and Google Deutschland. Carmen has judged in the first edition of the Masters of Olive Oil, at Biopress and Feinschmecker (Germany), at Ovibeja (Portugal) and at the Universitiy of Jaén in Spain at the Family Olive Oil competition (Israel).


Luca Mencaglia MOOOIC 2017

Luca Mencaglia

Italy - Consultant & Panel Leader Licensed

Luca Mencaglia lives in Umbria, he is an expert consultant and taster. He is a member of the official committee of APROL in Umbria. Luca has a Panel Leader Diploma certification. Over the years he has participated as a judge in many national and international competitions such as the Ercole Olivario, L’Orciolo d’Oro, Biol Prize (International Biological Oil Competition), and the IOOC Harmonia, the Sirena d’Oro in Sorrento, Regional selections guide “Gambero Rosso”. He has been judging in the MOOOIC  the Jury since the first edition of Sanremo 2016. Other activities related to the olive sector: guided tastings and training courses from 2010 to today. He makes advice activities with Mills and Farms in Italy since 2011 and also in Japan since 2017.

Aleandro Ottanelli_MOOOIC_Jury_

Aleandro Ottanelli

Italy - Panelist & Panel Leader Licensed - Consultant

Aleandro collaborates in research activities with the University of Florence as an expert in the field of fruit tree cultivation. In particular in the olive growing sector for the genetic improvement of the olive tree, cultivation techniques and breeding forms are suitable for mechanical harvesting. In recent years he has been following with particular attention the development of new cultivation systems with high planting density; among the activities, the establishment of experimental olive groves and varietal collections. He conducts work to verify the adaptability of cultivars to cultivation intensification, mechanical pruning, production efficiency and drupe ripening. He is an expert oil taster and has in fact been a member of the AIFO tasting panel in Florence for many years, since 2009 is also a Certified Panel Leader at the Florence Chamber of Commerce. He is an excellent connoisseur of Italian and foreign cultivars, having consulted on new plantings in many countries around the world over the last 10 years.

Denise Langevin Judge MOOOIC

Denise Langevin

Chile - Consultant

Denise Langevin is a professional virgin olive oil taster and consultant from Chile where she lives. Denise has been invited as a taster in several International Competitions. She entered the world of olive oil in 2004, She specialized in oil tasting courses in Italy and France. Her test of fire was the invitation he was made to be a juror of Olive D’Or in Canada and then International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2012 in Los Angeles, California. She also has been invited as a jury in the Competition at Ovibeia 2012 in Portugal, she also took part in Israel as a judge in the TerraOlivo competition. She has been on MOOOIC the jury since the first edition in  Sanremo 2016.

moooic the jury Marco Gandolfi

Marco Gandolfi

Italy- Panel Leader Licensed & ONAOO International Professional Taster

Marco has a degree in Law obtained at the University of Genoa. He is a professional taster since  more than 20 years and recently he has obtained his Panel Leader Certification in Sicily. He is passionate about Olive Oil matter and he did his olive oil training in Imperia during the ’90s at the ONAOO School. He is a certified ONAOO professional taster. Marco has also been an official member of the ONAOO tasting Panel for more than 20 years and he is on the International ONAOO Taster’s list. He took part in many local competitions Juries in Italy.Hr He has judget in the Ercole Olivrio National Competition. He also has been part of the Orciolo d’Oro Jury four times. This is the oldest olive oil International Competition in Italy and one of the most famous.

Giovanni Pipolo

Italy - Panel Leader & Consultant

Giovanni has a degree in chemistry from the University of Naples and has been teaching chemistry at technical and vocational schools since 1983.
He is responsible for production and quality control at the Azienda Agricola Monacelli in Valle dell’Angelo (SA).
Since 2008, he has been the recognised Panel Head of the Salerno C.C.I.A. for the certification and attribution of the product category of virgin olive oils.
Giovanni is Panel Head of the Tasting Commission for the certification of D.O.P. Cilento and Colline Salernitane oils of the C.C.I.A.A. of Salerno as well as Panel Head of the Food Science Department of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Naples.
He has been the technical manager of the national “SIRENA D’ORO” competition in Sorrento for many years and is a great olive oil supply chain expert.
He is involved in research projects such as the project for the characterisation of Campania oils Lecturer in Oil Chemistry , Extraction Technologies , Origin of aromatic notes in virgin olive oils.
He teaches Tasting Techniques in many of the courses for professional tasters, he was also the Director in charge of the course for panel leaders organised by CCIAA of Parma and others held in Rome at the Union-Camere headquarters.


Giandomenico Scanu

Italy - Ex Panel Leader MIPAAF, Consultant

Giandomenico Scanu is a technical expert in olive growing and is in charge of AGRIS Sardegna’s experimental farm. He collaborates in research activities within his own agency and with other institutions in the olive sector. He has been involved in the study and design of olive-growing pilot areas in the region.
He has extensive training in the olive oil field at the National Olive Oil Academy in Spoleto, the Experimental Institute for Elaboration Technology in Pescara, and the Experimental Institute for Olive Growing in Cosenza.
He has been a professional taster since 1993 and a Panel Leader since 1995. He has participated in numerous panel leader committees at the IOC in Madrid. Over the years, he has participated in numerous national and international competition juries: 4 times member of the Ercole Olivario jury. He is also a table olive taster and has served on local and national juries of table olive competitions. He has attended training courses at Accredia for control activities in agri-food systems, inspection activities, and certification of agri-food productions. Lecturer in training courses for sensory analysis of olive oil. Since 2007 inspector for the PDO of extra virgin olive oil from Sardinia, he is an active member of the Agris Sardegna Panel.


Sara Barbieri

Italy- Panel Leader
at Bologna University

Sara Barbieri is graduated with honours at the Master of Food Science and Technology at the University of Bologna presenting an experimental thesis titled: “Quality and composition of extra virgin olive oil: sensory evaluation through descriptive and affective test”. For the 2004-2006 period, she frequented an International Master (first level) of Oliviculture and elaiotechnic at University of Perugia. Moreover, she has developed skills in sensory analysis, developing and applying discriminat, descriptive and consumer tests on vegetable and animal food. Since 2012, she works as Panel Leader in the professional Panel of Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, recognized by Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF), in 2006. She has participated as a qualified judge to numerous regional and national competitions of extra virgin olive oil “L’Orciolo d’Oro”, “L’Oro delle Marche”, “Lorolio”, and National competition as “Montiferru”,“L’Ercole Olivario”, “Olio Capitale” and “L’Oro d’Italia”). At the moment, she has a technician contract at Department of Food Science of the University of Bologna. Sara Barbieri is member of “Società Italiana per lo Studio delle Sostanze Grasse” (SISSG), Società Italiana di Scienze Sensoriali (SISS). For the 2009-2011 period she collaborated to the research activity concerning the European project “Organic Sensory Information System (OSIS): Documentation of sensory properties through testing and consumer research for the organic industry” (Project acronym: ECROPOLIS).


MOOOIC the Jury 2024: we are a Panel formed by a Group of tasters, consultants, and lecturers with the same great passion for Olive Oil. This is why we take into great consideration the duty to taste and assign the maximum grade of attention to Your oil samples. We absolutely want to recognize the right value to Your work and commitment in producing top quality extra virgin olive oils. Giving awards is a serious matter so we will keep in mind it in every glass we are going to taste. Don’t waste Your time enrol now the MOOOIC 2024 Edition.

*The list of Judges might change before the beginning of the Contest.

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