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moooic the jury Aldo Mazzini MOOOIC Judge

Aldo Mazzini

Italy - Consultant

Aldo Mazzini is the ideator of the Masters of Olive Oil Competition. He is a professional taster specialized at ONAOO school and he is on International Register of Professional Tasters ONAOO with a Panel Leader Diploma from CCIAA of Florence. He has been a member of the panel of the Imperia Chamber of Commerce for the DOP and has been a member of the official ONAOO Panel since 2000. He is a quality business consultant and has worked for some of the most important international brands. He has held training courses in Italy and abroad. Aldo has participated as a judge in many national and international competitions such as Ercole Olivario, Orciolo d’Oro, Sirena d’Oro di Sorrento, London IOOC and Zeytindostu Olive Oil Contest in Turkey.


moooic the jury Ehud Soriano Panel Leader

Ehud Soriano

Israel - IOC Panel Leader

Ehud Soriano, from Israel, is an olive oil consultant, head of the Israeli Olive Oil Tasting Panel (recognized by the IOC) and instructor of other olive oil panels in Israel including the IOC-accredited Israeli Organoleptic Assessment Course, which he heads. Ehud is panel leader at both of Israel’s national olive oil competitions and travels extensively abroad as a taster in many national and international olive oil competitions including Biopress, Ovibeja, Athena IOOC, Domina IOOC and Der Feinschmecker; he also took part in the first edition of the MOOOIC 2016 as Panel Leader.


moooic the jury Vignolini Fabrizio moooic 2017

Fabrizio Vignolini

Italy - Consultant

Fabrizio Vignolini is one of the nation’s leading olive oil experts. He has been the Director of the ONAOO tasting school for more than 15 years, he has held training courses in Italy and in many countries. He is an experienced olive oil quality and business consultant.  He has participated as a judge in many of the most important national and international Olive Oil Contests as Sol d’Oro, Ercole Olivario, Montiferru and L.A. County Fair and he also took part in the first edition of the MOOOIC Sanremo 2016. 


Alissa Mattei Judge MOOOIC

Alissa Mattei

Italy - Consultant

Alissa Mattei is currently president of the Knoil association a non-profit association for the organization of oil schools in Italy and abroad and for the dissemination of the culture of extra virgin olive oil. It is a chemist who he has been Director of Research and Development and quality at Carapelli Firenze SPA for more than 30 years, one of the most important Italian companies. She was one of the commission experts at Coi from 2000 to 2011. She directed the Carapelli Panel for many years and held and held training courses for tasters both in Italy and abroad. He is an agri-food consultant, trainer for oil tasting for category associations (AIPO, Confagricoltura, AIFO). She has been a judge in many national and international competitions.

David Noy Judge MOOOIC

David Noy

Israel - IOC Panel leader

David Noy is an olive oil expert and consultant. He is the IOC Panel Leader for the Northern Tasting Panel in Israel. He has been the oil press manager of Shemen Shan one of the most important olive mills in Israel till 2017. He took part as Judge for the past six years in the Terraolivo International Contest and he also took part as Panel Leader and Judge in the most important Israeli Olive Oil Competitions during the last years.

Denise Langevin Judge MOOOIC

Denise Langevin

Chile - Consultant

Denise Langevin is a professional virgin olive oil taster and consultant from Chile where she lives. Denise has been invited as a taster in several international Competitions. She entered the world of olive oil in 2004, She specialized in oil tasting courses in Italy and France. Her test of fire was the invitation he was made to be a juror of Olive D’Or in Canada and then International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2012 in Los Angeles, California. She also has been invited as a jury in the Competition at Ovibeia 2012 in Portugal, she also took part in Israel as a judge in the TerraOlivo competition. She has judged olive oils at first edition of Masters of Olive Oil Sanremo 2016.

Fabienne Roux Judge MOOOIC

Fabienne Roux

France - Panel Leader

Professional taster graduate by the International Olive Oil Council in 1999, Fabienne Roux, élaïologue.  Fabienne has an expertise based on a thorough knowledge of the terroirs, standards and regulations, but also on an olfactory memory developed by the 2,500 tests of olive oil she operates each season. Co-founder of Olive Oils department within the family company Codefa SA. In 2012, she opened the French High School olive oil tasting. She obtained in 2013 the rank of Expert Sommelier International in Parma Italy. Judge for international competition of the best olive oils (New York – Seville  in Spain).

Luca Mencaglia MOOOIC 2017

Luca Mencaglia

Italy - Panellist & Consultant

Luca Mencaglia lives in Umbria, he is an expert consultant and taster. He is a member of the official committee of APROL in Umbria and over the years has participated as a judge in numerous national and international competitions such as the Ercole Olivario, L’Orciolo d’Oro, Biol Prize (International Biological Oil Competition), the IOOC Harmony , the Sirena d’Oro in Sorrento, Regional selections guide “Gambero Rosso” and again was judge in the first edition of the MOOOIC Sanremo 2016 Competition. Other activities related to the olive sector: guided tastings and training courses from 2010 to today. Consultations to Mills and Farms in Italy since 2011 and in Japan in 2017.

moooic judge Ikram Ben Cheikh 357x268

Ikram Ben Cheikh

Tunisia - Panel Leader

Ikram is is a chemist and  been Director of Research, Development and quality department at Cogehuile SPA for 10 years, one of the most important Tunisian companies and leader in olive oil exportation. She is been the panel leader at Cogehuile. She won a COI scholarship in 2012, when she attended a university specialization course in the organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oil at the University of Jaen . She has been olive oil judge at Ovibeja for 5 years (Portugal).


Stefano Roggerone

Italy - Panel Leader

Stefano Roggerone lives in Liguria and holds a proper Olive Oil production Company as well as being the Panel Leader of the official CIA tasting panel group in Imperia. He has held and holds training courses for tasters and has participated in various juries of national and international competitions such as the Biol, the Sol d’Oro and was a member of the first edition of MOOOIC Sanremo 2016.


Muge Nebioglu MOOOIC Judge

Müge Nebioglu

Turkey - Panel Leader

Müge is a food engineer and an expert in olive oil; and in Turkey she is responsible for the Government of national and international research projects in the field of extra virgin olive oil. She is an accredited Panel Leader for sensory analysis laboratories and was trained in Italy, France and Spain for oil tasting. She has participated in various Juries of national and international competitions such as: the Zeytindostu prize in Turkey which she has co-leaded for several years and the London IOOC. She has been and she is teacher in various training courses for olive oil tasting; she is an ONAOO professional taster since 2013 and she is in the Organization International Tasters List,  she also is a teacher for the famous tasting school.

moooic Antonella Meyer Masciulli

Antonella Masciulli

Switzerland - Panellist

Antonella is member and judge of the Swiss Olive Oil Panel (SOP) at
ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Schloss, 8820 Wädenswil (CH). She has the sensory license of Olive Oil since 2002 and she is member of the Main SOP Panel since 2014. She has taken part in the ZHAW International Olive Oil Award Award since 2002. Antonella is a ONAOO Professional Taster since 2017. She took part as Judge in several EVOO competitions in Greece, Italy and Switzerland from 2002.


MOOOIC 2018 Anthony Florian Giudice ita

Anthony Florian

United States - Panellist

After completing the course and the tests for the sensorial analysis qualification in 2007, Tony was included in the California Olive Oil Oil Council (COOC) tasting group and is an active member of this panel. The Panel COOC certifies more than 60% of all olive oil produced in California each year. Anthony is a young man with great talent in tasting and cooking. Anthony is the chef at Seven Hills Restaurant in San Francisco. This is a highly regarded restaurant that supports farming and local oil producers in various ways.

MOOOIC Josè Manuel Mateus Ventura Judge eng

José Manuel Mateus Ventura

Purtugal - Panellist

Josè has been working for 30 years as a manager and principal taster at a cooperative ‘olivicultores de valpacos’ producing the extra virgin olive oil brand called Rosmaninho. He is responsible of associates, part production, and oil batch formation. He participated in several competitions in Portugal: Ovibeja, Ovivalpacos, Moura and Santarem . He belongs to the large official panel of the Higher Institute of Agronomy in Lisbon.

Eran Galili moooic jury 2016

Eran Galili

Israel - Panellist

Eran is an official member in one of IOC recognized panels in Israel. He is an olive oil expert producer and taster. He has taken part in several national and international Juries like: Terraolivo, London IOOC and the first edition of the MOOOIC Sanremo 2016. He also is the Organizer of one of the most inteesting local Competion in Israel the Family Olive Competition.


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MOOOIC 2018 The Jury

MOOOIC the Jury: we are a Panel formed by a Group of tasters, consultant, and lecturers with the same great passion for Olive Oil. This is why we take into great consideration the duty to taste and assign the maximum grade of attention to Your oil samples. We absolutely want to recognize the right value to Your work and commitment in producing top quality extra virgin olive oils. Giving awards is a serious matter so we will keep in mind it in every glass we are going to taste

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